The Creator Behind Tumblr


We all know about Tumblr, but who exactly created this website? His name is David Karp and in April 27, 2007 he founded this website. Karp wanted an outlet for self-expression since he does not consider himself to be a writer. So he reinvented the way of blogging. Through Tumblr you can upload pictures, audio, video, or text if you want to write. Its like a blog with all these different media outlets built into one. In the UK its the 2nd most popular social networking site only falling right behind Facebook. What makes this website unique is that there is not that stress of having to befriend people. It is all about the art or whatever you choose to upload. This started as a personal thing, but grew into something more than could be imagined. Not only did he find success, so did celebrities. Barack Obama created a tumblr page for the 2012 election to create a better connection with the people by showing behind the scenes footage. A porn star found popularity uploading nude photos that got her further in her career in the adult video industry. Tumblr is all about the freedom of expression so you do not have to fear much for having things that can be sometimes explicit taken down. Campaigns are also done over Tumblr like the one mentioned in the article “We Are The 99 Per Cent”. People submit pictures holding a sign supporting the cause. Tumblr is able to connect people differently from Facebook and Twitter without the need for text through photographs and video. What started out as a small website for fun turned into a major career path for David Karp. His staff consisted only of about 14 people in the beginning and Youtube only had 16. Its hard to comprehend how a small idea can grow so much.


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