My Little Pony Corrals Unlikely Fanboys Known as ‘Bronies’


My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic a animated TV show about ponies and their adventures went almost viral over night. Through 4chan online users began to have a fascination with this new tv show uploading images and memes of these ponies. The fan base is mostly men in their 20’s shockingly and they call themselves “bronies”. You would be surprised to find so many fan videos online, memes, and message boards filled with ponies. There is a fan blog dedicated to the My Little Pony Fandom called Equestria Daily.

On Facebook you can even find fan pages dedicated for each pony like Pinky Pie. This show has gone so viral through the spread of communication online. This show started out for little girls under the age of 10. However, the demographics are quite the opposite with so many bronies online watching religiously. On Youtube you can find a parody with not so nice ponies, music videos, fun clips, and a sad video of derpy hooves saying sorry for offending viewers. The character Derpy Hooves shows how communication online can be so powerful. When the first vocal appearance of Derpy Hooves came on air it offended many parents watching that they complained so much they placed her in background again. They also replaced the voice and eyes in that episode for the future. On Twitter they had the #SaveDerpy campaign where everyone tweeted to save the pony. On Tumblr there were fan pictures uploaded dedicated to the cause and much more online. Social networking sites are not only for communicating with friends, but used also for viral media.


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