Internet Addiction Camps In China


Internet addiction has grown tremendously to the point that there are now rehabilitation camps such as the one in Beijing. In 2004 the first internet rehabilitation camp was opened. Since then over 5,000 kids were sent to get help. They sent to a place without any access to technology and get military training. They spend their days waking up early to exercise, see a psychologist, and spent their free time playing games like basketball outside. The average age of people in the camp are 17 years old. There is a problem in today’s society all around the world with online gaming addiction. When you stay in front of a computer for so long you being to forget your basic needs for eating, hygiene, and socializing. At the beginning adults tried talking to the youth first to understand their need to play. Talking has not helped much since it seems that the matter has gotten out of control. There are always news stories about gamers who have died from depriving themselves from eating and sleeping. Before 2009 these camps would sometimes be extreme to the point of beating the youth to death or using electro-shock therapy. They have been outlawed since because of deadly results. Whether these programs are effective or not we can not tell. I believe it is up to the individual whether or not they are willing to limit their playing time or give it up. It is difficult to find a way to solve this issue when we are surrounded by digital media everyday.


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