Growing Up Online



In my opinion the video felt a bit one sided. It mostly pointed out to all the negative point of views parents have on the “online generations”. The internet is a private space for everyone in general at home, but can also be very public for everyone that is watching what they are putting. Parents seem to focus their worries more on who are they talking to online or possible sex predators. The younger kids tend to create identities living a different virtual life online. It feels easier to speak out to people you don’t know or its nice to get attention. Parents feel left out of their kids world these days. They just need to find common ground with their children by not arguing about the internet. There are problems of addiction, cyberbullying, online dating, and chat rooms. The environment does need some control, but parents should make sure to not liet their children feel like they have no independence. Growing up as a teenage especially online can be difficult because they are searching for their identity which isn’t always the best to do over social network sites. The only way to solve the internet lives of teenagers is to find a balance and way of communicating with their kids. Be aware of what they look into because the internet has the possibility of being self destructive if they look up topics that will help them harm themselves.

Here is an example of a girl who is posting online about being anorexic and tips to help towards her goal:


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