Who uses Facebook and why? Homero Gil de Zuniga/Sebastian Valenzuela

This article is about the power Facebook has obtained over the years. There are statistics showing that at the time time this was written there was 400 million users online around the world. That number has surely expanded since then and is still continuously growing everyday. Surprisingly, the Caucasian ethnicity is not the largest percentage on Facebook.  Mark Zuckerberg says in the article it gives users “power to share and make the world more open and connected.” Facebook has a large demographic spreading from the youth all the way to the elderly. The world is surely staying connected making keeping in touch easier for everyone. This website came into existence in 2004 and only after 5 yrs has become one of the most well known websites world wide.  The article also points out that Facebook is not only for communicating but, spreading information. Users are exposed to different opinions and stories about whatever is happening around the world. There are so many users online that its not even shocking anymore. It is mentioned that 1 in every 3 Americans were on Facebook. In another article I read it says that 1 in every 13 people on Earth are on Facebook. That is a lot of people from all over around the world. In a survey the writers did no matter what background you have or income the amount of people on Facebook balances out almost evenly. Facebook is an amazing social network site that grew from just simple communication with friends in the states to world wide communication making the world smaller. Here is a fact. Apparently, about 70% of Facebook users reside outside the states.

Check out the facts about Facebook:



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