Digital Nation


This video we watched in class talked about how these days we multitask a lot! As students there are times where we don’t realize we are watching TV, texting, instant messaging, and doing our home work at the same time. It feels normal but, is it really a distraction? The students at M.I.T did not think so. In the interview the students talked about how they spend most of their time online on anything digital. They believed it was no distraction or slowed them down in any way because they can balance everything out. After some research it was proven that multitasking slows the brain down when trying to switch back from one task to another and back. This made me take a step back to look at  myself and ponder if maybe I tried to focus on one thing at a time I would be more successful when studying. We are surrounded by some much technology its difficult to not get distracted or trying to even focus on one thing. I was shocked to see how children barely starting out school are learning to use computers now. When I was in first grade I was taught to do everything by hand. Kids in Korea are being taught to sing a song about being safe on the internet which is probably a great thing. There was a interview with a teenager in Korea who is so addicted to playing online that his parents sent him to a camp that tries to help reunite these kids with the childhood they missed out on without technology. We live in a world that is starting to immerse itself with the virtual so much that we are starting to lose site with whats in front of us away from the digital screens. Digital Nations really makes you think about how our lives are being influenced dramatically over time with technology.


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