Research Paper


My chosen topic was focused on how internet influences social communication to the point where sometimes the virtual world and the real world get confused into one. Online sometimes we focus so much on the life we are living online in video games, social network sites, and blogs. We get so wrapped up in a world where we talk to various people online that we forget about the people that exist in person around us. The internet can make people anti-social and fear of communicating to people in the real world without being able to type it out on their computers. In the virtual world identities can be created or have the choice of changing gender to experiment with different personalities. In the online community you have the the ability to have out of the world experiences unlike the real world. Over time people prefer to live in the virtual world that offers them a life more happiness even though isolate in front of a pc screen. In blogs you can write and write about anything in your head. You can gain followers to feel more popular and raise your self esteem. Role playing video games you get to go kill enemies, fight zombies, or even get married. With these options you can live so many different lives without leaving your seat. On social networking sites like the old “Myspace” users scene queens found fame taking pictures of themselves with their new identities they created. Being able to live differently from the offline world distracts people from whats really out there and changes there social skills.


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