Having Your Say – Blogs and Beyond


Article: Having Your Say: Blogs and Beyond – Baron

This article discusses how far we have developed from a society that had no voice to now the internet where everyone has freedom of expression, opinions, and whatever they can write about online. Early in 12th century Europe people would be hanged for doing anything offensive or too traumatized with fear of being heard when saying the wrong thing.

Today in modern society the internet allows an outlet for people to write about whatever they feel like talking about. It first begun with letters then radio, TV, blogs, Youtube, and now we have the option to create pages on Wikipedia. The public tend to write in blogs about fashion, traveling, art, or use it as a public diary basically.

There are no limitations. Baron talks about the a certain guy named Gary Brolsma under the Youtube section who made a video of himself lip syncing to Numa Numa for fun and it went viral. When you are bored, you will do anything to keep yourself entertained. Recording our lives is a new form of expression we have recently developed. Some users use it as a video diary called “vlogs” where they can rant or discuss random things  like the ever so popular “Leave Britney Alone” uploaded by Chris Crocker.

Numa Numa Guy:


Leave Britney Alone:


The most touching vlog I have seen online is about a guy who called his father over the phone to “come out” to him about his sexuality over the phone. Sometimes these videos can be really personal and heartfelt. They are not all for fun or just someone to make fun of.

Telling My Dad I’m Gay Live:


Wikipedia is another form of open communication for all the public to use for editing or making up new pages to share information about anything. There are pages dedicated to musicians, actual history, cartoons, or random people like the oh so popular Numa Numa guy. Anyone can go online and edit pages to add more details to a certain topic.

Here is his page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gary_Brolsma

Our freedom of communication has grown over decades and has never been so open to the public than ever before in history. There are different options in vlogs, microblogging, or other unique sites like tumblr. In the online community you have the choice to write about your feelings, talk on video, or use post pictures everyday. They help release our inner thoughts and express our creativity.


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