Born Digital


Article: Born Digital – Palfrey and Gasser


This article discusses about the “Digital Natives” which is basically everyone who grew up with technology that influences their daily lives. This title is aimed at the young people who understand computers, ipads, cell phones and so on. The younger generations are constantly communicating through technology and have a better understanding of its use as tools for business, entertainment, or anything else that can be possibly done. The world is heading towards a direction of more advancements that will continue to merge technology and our lives into one. It is impossible to ignore technology due to its necessity because it makes tasks more simple to complete than they were before.

The article mentions how adults ask for help in typing, e-mails, or how to use the computer in general. It mainly focuses on how the younger generations know how computers work and use it constantly. However, everyone has adapted to the advances that have been made in transportation, using microwaves/toasters, and television. No matter what age you are all the people living today have become accustomed to technology in their daily lives. We no longer travel  daily with horse carriages, cook outside with fire, listen to the radio for stories, and much more. I believe everyone in some way is a digital native, but just fail to realize it since all the technology that surrounds them has become normal.,9171,1879169,00.html



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