New Media In Everyday Life


Article: New Media In Everyday Life – Lister


This article I felt had a bit of negative view on the relationship between people and technology intertwining with our everyday lives. I could not read much further after reaching the three points that discussed how we are forced to adopt/suffer new technology, society is not shaped to fit to fit technology, or how it affects are human activity.


Are daily lives have become meshed with technology so much that we do not even notice we use it everyday constantly. Most people go on Youtube for a tutorial for about anything, socializing, studying, watching T.V., or anything you can imagine really.   The advancement in technology is there to benefit everyone for the better. It does not take much effort to keep connected to everyone 24/7 with phones and the internet. At work you can have a skype conference with an important executive, microwaveable food is fast and easy, most things downloadable with the click of a button, and so on. Human society today probably can not see themselves without the internet. It has defined our lives today influencing everything we do. People host their businesses online, promote their art, and put everything out there.


For example Youtube has only existed for about six years and many people have built their identity that website allowing them to even get paid for having a large audience that views the videos they posted up such as: tutorial, parodies, and music videos.

Take Michelle Phan for an example of a regular person who uses the internet for entertainments, a business, fan base, and so on.


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