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Article: Language Online – Baron


Before the internet words were created by naming things by piecing words together. The pineapple for instance was named by Christopher Columbus because it looked like a pine cone and apple because it is a “generic term for fruit”. As mentioned in the article “As technology evolved, new devices have often been named(at least temporarily) by familiar words and concepts.” Doing this made communication between people become easier to comprehend.

Now the internet has created several languages in subcultures or magnified some. Also today even the basic words/sayings have become even more simple in acronyms.

lol = Laugh out loud

btw= By the way

brb = Be right back

imho=In my humble opinion

omg=Oh my god/gosh

Some of these acronyms have even been recently added to the dictionary!  Not long ago the internet came into existence, but it is changing our communication habits everyday. Sending letters through the mail is rare today ever since we started using e-mails. E-mailing is faster, quick, and simple. It cuts the cost in buying stamps, paper, and saves time. Twitter lets you tweet and reply instantly from your phone through text.  Facebook allows users to send video messages instead of a typed message or post a video as a comment on their wall.

Have you ever realized we now tell people to facebook someone or tweet them? Tweeting comes in handy when you don’t have someones number because you can just send a tweet through text and the receiver will be able to get the message through their phone. Social network sites now have instant messengers built in making it even more simple to contact people. Another new thing that’s happening is sending invitations online to parties or organization groups. You do not have buy invitations or mail them to people because now you can just set up an event  with the info on facebook and invite everyone. Organizations in school keep in contact by setting up groups on facebook so everyone can keep updated with what’s going on. It’s weird how we no longer actually “talk” to people face to face or with our voices.

Obviously technology is taking communication to a new platform. It’s only going to keep on advancing from here. Maybe one day we’ll be able to communicate with our minds.

Here is IMHO and LOL in the webster dictionary online:


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