Becoming Screen Illiterate


In the article “Becoming Screen Illiterate” by Kevin Kelly discusses how media and technology is shaping human culture. Before advanced technology people would write by hand with ink, but then Gutenberg invented the printing press making books easier to print leading. Books were a new form of entertainment till suddenly we moved into film production. As time went by technology advanced more changing our culture with it.

Presently we watch everything on a “screen” now. Digital technology is found everywhere such as on a ATM, self-check out, digital advertisements in the mall, or even buying movie tickets outside the theater.  Along with the advancements came along easier alterations to digital media. Now instead of copying and pasting from articles we can now copy and paste film clips into a editing software.

The article uses anime fans as an example. On youtube you can find an abundant amount of edited anime music videos or voice overs fans made. There is a “Iron Editor” challenge where as mentioned the “Iron Editor must remix videos in real time in front of an audience while competing with other editors to demonstrate superior visual literacy. The best editors can remix video as fast as you might type.”  There is a online subculture that focuses on editing anime music videos for fun and compete on speed.

Here is an example of a winning video for Iron editor:

Anime USA 2011 Iron Editor – War Games

Editing/Remixing videos has become a hobby or sport for many people. It can be done easily at home as on your computer. Everyone can be their own director and upload videos on a sharing website such as youtube.

Technology has been molding our culture allowing us to explore digital media. It has become part of our daily lives. Everyday TV screens appear everywhere in cars, stores, school, and etc. We can not run away from it. No longer do we play with text, but alter digital images or film clips for fun. We never know what will be the next thing in technology we’ll explore.


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