Socialnomics Response


This video Social Media Revolution 2011 makes an impact on you when first watched. Yes, the music sounds like it just came out of the Lion King soundtrack, but I think it’s pretty cool and relaxing. The video is facts after facts about how social media is about people and how it is becoming a way of life. Facebook has enough users to become the 3rd largest country in the world.  Our social life is also affected by social media. We make friends online, stalk people, and some even find love through the internet. 3 in 5 couples met online.  There is no such thing as privacy anymore. Our public lives in photos and videos can be posted on various websites for everyone to see. I thought it was funny when it stated that there are way…..more farmers on the game Farmville than actual farmers! We also use social media for business opportunities through twitter and linkedin. %93  of internet shoppers trust the ratings given from their peers than advertisements. Whenever I shop on I always make sure to check what other people have to say about the product before buying. Remember the revolution that was going on in Egypt?  Twitter was the only source of communication they had when they internet went down. Twitter allowed them to convert voice mails into tweets.

You can read about this here:


It’s amazing to see social media expanding, yet making  the world smaller connecting everyone  around the world.



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