DNA Information…


“The DNA of Information” sounded like it was written in the era of cavemen. We no longer have to wait for mail to arrive or deliver things in our sneakers. Times are different now and there is no need for paper! Things are done rapidly now through email and information can be stored in so many giga bytes! I remember when i was a freshmen high school not long ago that a 215mb flash drive costed me about $25…now you can buy a 8gb for even less.

Technology is advancing faster everyday. News now travels faster through twitter than the news on cable television. Whitney Houston’s death spread like wild fire through social media and texting. When I was eating out I found out about her death on a text message before the news came a few minutes later on the TV announcing the disappointing event.

Physical copies of books are is becoming less in existence. Bookstores are closing down everyday and now people are starting to buy e-readers or just read on phones and tablets. I happen to own a lot of books online. E-books save space and you never lose them. Communication has changed quite dramatically too. We no longer own voice answering machines or even bother actually calling a person. Texting is the new way of communicating without the awkwardness.

Years ago the idea the of a touch screen ipad would have probably been thought of as an acid trip. Nowadays nothing is though to be impossible. Music and movies went from solid items to streaming and downloadable content online.  Soon maybe one day will have androids working for us. That’s a scary thought…to have technology looking and moving the way we do. Especially after watching all those sci-fi films. The world is filled with countless possibilities.

Here is something to watch. Robotic musicians by Intel!



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