What I think about New Media


Technology in the modern era has replaced the old ways of the dinosaurs. Before we use to watch TV on big black boxes and movies were on a cassette tape being played on a VCR. Those times feel like forever ago ever since Netflix came into existence. Hulu plus and Netflix replaced the need for cable keeping viewers never lacking options. Cameras now use SD cards that just need photos to be uploaded to your computer.

Terry Flew acknowledged the view of how technology comes and goes and keeps on upgrading in the article “What’s New About ‘New Media'”. New Media is always advancing for more improvements but, that is it. It is always upgrading something like the internet for instance. From the 1990’s to the present it went from dial up to a modems to wireless. Out with the older technology and in with the advanced version. All the technology that exists right now is just an improvement from previous models. Things are made to make life less complicated for a person by putting a button on a machine so that it will do the hard work for you.



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