Online Reading


Today in the world everyone is in a hurry living fast paced. No one has time to sit down and watch the news or read the paper. Nowadays we get online on our computers or on mobile apps to check out the latest updates on twitter, facebook, and RSS readers. Readers today prefer to find out the news at their own time and right away online. We have become very dependent on online news sources to feed us the daily gossip that is happening nation or worldwide.

The article “How Online Habits Have Changed Over 2010” mentioned a app called “instapaper” that unlike bookmarking the link saves the content to read later! That is something to keep in mind for later. “Flipboard” another app I just learned about apparently is like a built in magazine in your ipad. The article also discusses about how people read everything online these days, but are now sharing article links or news on sites such as twitter. Sharing right now is the “in” thing right now in the online world letting other check out what you’re reading connecting the world.

Now Facebook and twitter have surpassed their original purpose as a social networking site by now enabling users to keep up with news that relate to their interest by allowing them to use search bar to check out what they like. Twitter is the website to go to for minute-to-minute updates on the latest story everyone is gossiping about. Secrets and waiting no longer exist in this era. I barely remember the last I watched Good Morning America on TV. In fact, I don’t even pay for cable since there is no need for it when you can watch and read what you like, when you like online.

There are plenty of websites dedicated to certain genres of news. For example to keep up with “music news” I go to to keep up with the latest main stream singles, music videos, or drama on celebrities.


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