Why Heather Can Write


“Why Heather Can Write” discusses about the Harry Potter fans writing fiction and the troubling issues of religion, copyright, and education that came with it. Harry Potter fans began to develop fan fiction to unfold more in depth stories of the characters and adventures at Hogwarts. Harry Potter is known for its worldwide fan base and the controversy it created. I myself have never been a fan, but everyone has to admit it’s amazing to see the followers dress up in their costumes waiting in line for new book release or waiting outside the theaters for the midnight premiere of the Potter film.

Fan fiction helped young fans develop creative writing skills and grammar. Letting children let their imaginations run free online in writing helps them in their education outside of school. Harry Potter made kids stop watching TV and pick up a book. I don’t see the problem in allowing children explore their imaginations as long as they do it safely online away from creepers.

Potter fans enjoy expanding the story with their own original ideas for example a love triangle among the 3 main characters. Shouldn’t the fan fiction be considered original some what even though they are just creating new parts or ideas to the Hogwarts world. Opinions from the religions of the world cannot control what children read in school or outside. Harry Potter is an option on the bookshelf for those fascinated and if not don’t bother to touch it then.  Everyone has their own preference and choices so let it be. At least children are being inspired to read and improve their writing skills. Everyone has the right to read what they want, when they want.

Anyways, Harry Potter has not only inspired writing, but even a silly mini show called Potter Puppet Time that I am guilty of watching…Check it out! I guess Harry Potter is another example of transmedia too.


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